10 Cell Phone Rules for Parents in Digital Age

A nice infographic was posted by Bright House about the rules of relationship between parents, their cell phone, and kids. Here is the rules below, and my opinion about it.

  1. When your child is talking to him, look at him, not your phone. I definitely agree, not when talking to your kid, but also when talking to other adults!
  2. Follow your children social media and use your phone to check their post. Well, generally, I hate to be nosy. If you choose to do this, do it carefully, as kids hate to be watched. Act like their friends, instead of their guardian
  3. When you’re playing with your kid, don’t check your phone. Totally agree, although I’m still struggling to do this one
  4. Use your phone to share interesting videos to your kid. If you teach your kids to see the phone just like other toy, I wish he will become less addicted to it later on.
  5. Don’t respond, to phone calls, texts or emails at meal time. Agree, although still struggling. Not responding to email, call or text, but playing game on iPad.
  6. When you’re on a walk with your child, don’t use your phone, even if he is sleeping in his stroller. I don’t understand why we should not do this, except that you are crossing the road maybe. In this case, don’t look on your phone when you cross the road, even without your kid.
  7. Text your children just to say hi. It doesn’t cost much time and money, and might raise your son’s eyebrow. But heck, do it anyway.
  8. Video chat with your child when you are away. This what I always do for most of the time. Or at least, give him a call
  9. If you’re using your phone and your child want your attention, put down your phone immediately. And if you are really in important call, take 1-2 minutes to explain why you need to be on the call, and they should wait.
  10. Limit your phone use, so your kid’s memory of you won’t be that you are always on the phone. Couldn’t agree more. Only time will tell what our kid’s memory of us will be

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