About Passion, Purpose, and Success

“Follow your passion”

The advise has so many time given when someone talk about life, happiness, career or business advise. Doing what you love will make you happy, right? So, the advise should be right.

The fact is, I’ve found some proof that doing things that you are passionate might not always lead to happiness. I know someone who claimed that her passion is traveling. However, I saw a post on her Facebook, after three weeks of traveling, that she is glad to be back to work. On another post, this time from someone who is passionate about food, he lost the interest of certain food, and craving for another one.

Passion, I think, is like drugs. It is addicting. And just like other addictive, you will need more to satiate your happiness. Passion do give you energy, but it will be like someone who drive a car without any destination. Eventually, the car will run out of gas, and will need more to keep that energy burning.

The destination that is missing from driving analogy is purpose. It is more powerful when determining success. And the strongest of all is the purpose to survive.

A beggar at the side of the street will put every energy & creativity to get money to buy food. Aron Ralston, in his real life story in the film 127 hours, cut his own hand with blunt pocket knife, without anesthesia, and walk for miles to get help when he was trapped by a boulder.

That is also what makes first generation, self-made millionaire become a millionaire. They usually came from poor family, and want to have better life. They work hard, driven by purpose, and successful in making big business and a lot of money.

The problem with purpose? It alone rarely make you happy. A beggar always want a better life. Aron Ralston experienced pain in order to survive. There are a lot of stories around self-made millionaire who are far from happy, and always afraid to lose their money and business.

The compromise? I think I will be happy to work with the purpose of being able to do what I’m passionate with. The work, while providing the funds to do my passion, will also provides distraction so that I can enjoy my passion even more. Besides, for me, when earning money is involved, passion has become much less fun to do.

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