If you ask any war veteran of what they missed from a war, I’m pretty certain that the answer will almost be uniform: Brotherhood. It is some kind of bond among the man and woman in the battlefield, with high level of trust and understanding. They might fight and scream to each other on once occasion. But at the end of the day, they all understand that in order to survive, they should watch each other back. You watch my back, I watch your back. And nobody get left behind.


I might never seen a war, let a lone be in one. However, I got a chance to feel the brotherhood in my previous project. It was a 2 years project, where my boss, myself and the rest of the project team cover each other. We cover each other when someone need to go on leave, or absence, and lend a hand to bring a junior team member up to speed. We strive towards common goal, to finish the project and survive.

Unfortunately, I haven’t seen such brotherhood in my new project. Everybody seems busy to cover their back, And as you may guess, no job gets done. Even worse, customer and competitors can sense this, and use it to their advantages.

I think it is our job as leaders to instill brotherhood in our environment. The whole team should protect each other instead of blaming each other. The team need to covers other who are not available, and help the weak to get on their feet. The team should strive towards common goals instead of killing each other.

So, as a leader, is your team kills each other, or help each other in a brotherhood?

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