Do We Need to Force Learning?

The notion in education world is that, young kids need to go to school to learn. No matter whether they like it or not, they need to go to school, maybe forced to go to school. The notion is that, if these kids aren’t going to school, they are not learning.

The question is, do we really need to force learning? The answer from TED stage would surprise you. Not only that we need to force learning. The fact is that, we can’t stop learning, once the right environment is set up.

The episode Unstoppable Learning from TED Radio Hour will show you the experience of several TED speakers related to young kids and learning. If you are short of time, at least listen to the first part of the talk, about how kids in rural India figure out how to use a computer, set up in foreign language, without any keyboard.

Another section that I would recommend you to listen below: baby start to learn while they are in the womb. There are no way you can stop it.

So, if you have young kids like me, start to give yourself a thought: Is it better to waste your time and resources to force your kids to go to school they never like, or spend your time and resources setting up the right environment for your kids to learn?

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