A self-reflecting question is always an interesting way to explore yourself. This week, I decided to participate Cee’s Photography Share Your World Challenge.

What goals are you working on now?

Starting a business that makes the world a better place. To be specific, I’m working on creating hydroponic farm, to grow vegetables and fruits without the need to own a massive plot of land, and able to sell it within local market. I’m a big believer of urban farming and local food movement.

Harvest Time

What is one thing you’re glad you tried but would never do again?

Learn to surf. I love the ocean, do scuba diving, enjoy boating, and I thought, why not learn to surf? So, I took a surfing lesson in Bali, and kind of enjoying it during the lesson. I even manage to stand on the surf board for a couple of time

However, since I live quite far from beach where you can surf, it is only the year after that I have another chance to surf after my lesson. And it was a disaster. An old injury on my shoulder resurface when the wave toss me upside down. I don’t think I want to take another lesson, so I guess, I give up.

Did you choose your profession or did it choose you?

I think I choose my profession. Since I got my own computer, I have always been fascinated with it. However, I choose to take Electrical Engineering instead of Computer Science, simply because they taught computer in Electrical Engineering, but doesn’t teach Electronics in Computer Science.

My first job was as computer technician at a multinational bank and help them to safely pass the Year 2000, before I moved to Hewlett-Packard. Since then I choose consulting as the job that I want, and still doing it until 2014, when I decided that I need more free time. I still enjoy talking to people though, convey my ideas, and convincing them.

Have you ever gotten lost?

Having born and grow up in Jakarta, where city planning was non-existent and small alleys dominate the suburb, I definitely got lost once or twice (OK, more than twice, to be honest). However, the old ways of asking people for direction never fails me.

I kind of missing the old romance of asking direction, which somehow a bit lost these day. People seems to be able to find any place with Google Map.


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