There are 2 things that most people want in this world: to be healthy and to be happy. While health has a clear measure, visible, and physical, happiness is state of mind and not clearly visible.

So, what does it take to attain and maintain the state of mind that we call happiness? These are the things that I do and remember as I go through my day and while maintaining happiness.

  1. Money is a mean to achieve happiness, not the happiness itself. Otherwise, the rich will be be the happiest people in the world, which is not the case.
  2. The more control people has on their time, the happier they are. So, take control of your time to do things below
  3. Go outside. Sunlight exposure increase the Serotonin hormone, which elevate mood and make you happy.
  4. Exercise. There is another hormone called Dopamine that is produced after exercise, and it improves mood and motivation. Exercise outside for double happiness
  5. Give and share, could be money, time, knowledge or anything. The warm feeling of helping someone will make you happy
  6. Physically meet old friends and family. Especially friends from your school day. All the stories make a good laugh
  7. Focus on what you have, not what you want. Most people have enough of what they need to be happy.

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