What I Think About Employing A Child

A podcast by Rich Roll with Stephen Ritz change my view of employing underage teens, or children at large. What Stephen Ritz do, you might ask? Stephen Ritz is a teacher at a South Bronx Elementary School in New York. We all know that Bronx area is known for poverty, gangster and high crime. So, what Stephen Ritz do is transforming South Bronx from inside out. How? He asked his pupil to grow food, in the classroom.

So, yes, Stephen Ritz asked his pupil, underage children, to work as farmer. And it is successfully boost the class attendance from 40% to 93%. “Because these kids got paid”, you think? No. It is because these kids feel a lot of fun in farming.

I think, we should not fight too much against employing kids or underage children. Working, can be part of learning process for kids. There are, however, some limitation for business who employ kids, on what the can, or cannot do with underage employee:

  1. The kids should not get paid. The reward for kids at work should be fun and learning, not financial rewards that most of the time will go to the parents, for the parents to buy cigarettes or liquor. So, no financial rewards!
  2. Because of no financial rewards, there should not be a competitive expectation from these kids.Remember, the work should be fun.
  3. Safe for the kids at their age, physical and mental capability. Just like adults at work, employer should also pay highest attention to ensure the kids’ safety at work.

What do you think? Do you want your kids to be in the workforce?

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