Zurich Pop-Up Farms Landscape

I seriously think that farming will have a promising future, just like Roman Gaus mentioned in his TEDx talk. Come to think about it, if you can only choose 1, do you choose food or oil? And this is one of the reason on why one day I would like to become a farmer. A modern time farmer. or even an Urban Farmer.

We are talking about transforming the landscape of a city, while feeding people. Roman Gaus was transforming a parking building into green Urban Farmers concept building. Not only it is much nicer to look. It also feed people. Roman Gaus even go another step by creating concept farm from 40ft container.

Watch Roman’s TEDx talk in the video below to grasp the idea. And finally, the big question, can we replicate the pop-up farm in another big cities? In Jakarta, my home town? There are 20 million people live and dwell here, and good amount of parking building that can definitely be improved to look nicer.

Maybe it will work, or at least, worth to give a try.

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